Reversible wall lamp.   This wall-mounted lamp with plug adapts to all your lighting needs with a rotating movement. Just switch the direction to change the mood. Point the light bulb upwards for soft lighting, or downwards for more direct lighting. In traditionally crafted solid oak, this small lamp has playful style with a graphic design. For even more effect, the metal socket is mounted on a cable woven in France and available in trendy colours. It’s ideal as a reading light over your bedside table, but can also be adapted to every space in your home.

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Solid French oak : 19 mm ; Clear Ecolabel A+ matte finish; Metal socket for E27 bulb (not included; 2m textile cable fitted with a plastic switch and socket.

Reversible wall lamp



Let there be light !

Need a lamp to improve the lighting and create atmosphere in your home? FlipFlop is a wooden wall light, perfectly suited as a bedside lamp. The Scandinavian style in a variety of colours is irresistible.

Choose the intensity of the light by changing the direction. For direct, more intense light, point the Flipflop toward you. If you want more subdued light, point the bulb upwards so that the wooden structure filters the brightness.

The industrial style of the metal socket and exposed woven cable adds a stylish, contemporary effect. With an original wood cut, this lamp has a playful graphic design. Try it with a filament bulb to get the full industrial effect of this wall-mounted lamp.

An elegant and practical decorative lamp. All you need is a wall and a socket.


More about the wall lamp

Unit dimensions :

  • 12,5 cm x 12,5 cm x 18 cm (L x D x H)

Delivery details :

  • Delivery on appointment in metropolitan France
  • Lead time 4 to 6 weeks

Material details :

  • Solid French oak : 19 mm
  • Clear oil matte finish
  • Ecolabel A+ oil
  • Metal socket for E27 bulb (not included)
  • 2m textile cable fitted with a plastic switch and socket

This small lamp is a zero-waste product !

Designed and manufactured in France in our workshop. The lamp is made using PEFC solid oak cutoffs generated by our furniture manufacturing process as part of our eco-responsible approach.


Additional information


W : 12,5 cm, D : 12,5 cm, H : 18 cm ; Solid oak : 19 mm

Manufacture and delivery

Lead time 4 to 6 weeks

Cable colour

Copper/squirrel, Matte black/Flecked grey, Brass/Peacock